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We’ll get you started with your own Custom Phone Case Business. Join our clients and get an innovative, proven business model to back your growth. The Case Escape Custom Phone Case Maker allows you to make fully custom iPhone, iPad, and Samsung cases on-the-spot in 10 minutes or less. With affordable pricing, on-site training available, and tons of free resources to fuel your success, our clients have been experiencing incredible results.

Consumers today want more than just a cool case for their smartphone, they want their phone to be a representation of themselves. The Case Escape Custom Phone Case Maker allows you to meet this growing demand head on. From Mall Kiosks to Fairs, Craft Fairs, Special Events, Corporate Promotions, and Online eCommerce Stores, the market for custom phone cases is only expanding. Learn how you can start your own custom phone case business today.


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“We were looking for a product to add to the line of personalized items that we sell.  For years we have been doing music and books for children, but we needed an item that would be for adults.

We had looked at personalized cell phone cases, but the investment was just too high.  Then we found Case Escape!  They offer several packages to get into the business and the prices were perfect.  Matt from Case Escape helped us to get the package for our business.

They helped us with all the training and they were ALWAYS there when we had ANY questions (and trust me we had many). 

We have dealt with many companies over the years, but I can honestly say no company has offered customer service like Case Escape.  We are so glad we became a member of the Case Escape family. “
– Connie and David Kelly

Connie Kelly

Christopher Rockwell

“I purchased the Entrepreneur package and the process was painless. I am very pleased with the amount of customer service I received starting up and I still get my questions answered to this day.

They are really involved in the success of your business and always ready and willing to give you advice to improve your sales. I was able to get me Esty shop up and running within a couple weeks after purchasing the equipment. I highly recommend those who are on the fence about starting this type of business to go for it! You won’t be disappointed.
Case Escape has laid out the entire business for you and have step by step tutorials to help you navigate your business. From making the cases, to different ways to sale them. I am very satisfied with my investment! “
– Christopher Rockwell

“Case Escape gave me the tools to start my first entrepreneurial venture. From the first day I started, Case Escape has provided support, experience and advice.  If I ever have any questions, I contact them and receive an almost immediate response.

A custom phone case business is a great idea because of the extensive market.  I live in a rural town in Southern Indiana, and with Case Escape’s help and expertise, I have not had any trouble selling my cases.

My business, MyCase Express has multiple sales channels.  We are partnered with local photography studios, in which we sell our cases.  We also sell through social media, fundraisers, trade shows and festivals/fairs. ”

– Lucas Miller

lucas miller

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